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Tibisti Grill – Meat Lovers All Fired up

Dec 4, 2014
We never expected to find this Mediterranean hidden gem just by looking at its modest exterior! As we walked into the 70-seat restaurant, we were greeted warmly by the owner, Mr. K. Tibisti is a small town from Libya, Mr. K’s home country. In his 20s, just finishing school, he courageously decided to start his own meat shop with no experience at all. It was indeed very challenging, but he never gave up and found himself becoming more and more passionate about business and meat. That’s why Tibisti Grill was born to serve fresh grilled meat with a Mediterranean twist. What we like about Tibisti is that they get their daily supply of local fresh Halal meat from the owner’s butcher shop in Surrey, that’s why they can keep the prices so reasonable. They also have an onsite butcher and butchery equipment to process any fresh meat cut on the spot! We are so ready to chow down our first bite of his grilled meat! Ribeye Steak Meal – The aroma from the meat was tantalizing. The steak was grilled to perfection. It was tender and juicy on the inside and the caramelizing that occurs in those beautiful grill marks was really flavorful. The soft roasted lemon potatoes with the Greek salad were refreshing and delicious accompanying sides. Lamb Chop Meal – The grilled lamb chops were springy, juicy in the center, and full of flavor yet not gamey at all. It also came with soft roasted lemon potatoes, Greek salad, and rice. Hummus with Pita Bread – Hummus, means “chickpeas” in Arabic, is a popular Levantine spread made from cooked and mashed chickpeas. Scooped with the pita bread, we can savor the rich taste of the olive oil matched with thick, nutty texture and creamy flavor. It gave us the warmth of the Middle East. As I was chatting with him, customers came by to greet and catch up with him, which I found they often drove from afar to eat at his restaurant. With this quality and price, no wonder his customers including Middle-Eastern diners keep coming back for more! Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver!   Highlights -Daily supply of fresh Halal meat from their own butcher shop -Onsite butcher with butcher equipment to process any meat cut on the spot -Authentic Mediterranean Grill -Great prices as they supply their own fresh meat -Tuesday – Thursdays Daily Special Meals for only $11.99 Avg. Price $10 ~ $15 Opening Hours Tues – Sun 11 am ~ 9 pm (Close on Mondays) Phone 604.737.1000 Address 6990 Victoria Dr, Vancouver (Victoria Dr & E54th Ave)

Miura Waffle Milk Bar

Jun 20, 2014
We interviewed one of the owners of Miura Waffle and here is their story. The Origin of Sando The young owners have always wanted to start their own restaurant. They wanted to do something unique, something adventurous, but what? Since one loves waffles and the other loves Sandwiches, why not combine the two? This was the beginning of the first Waffle Sandwich – “Sando”. It’s never easy being different though. Challenging the traditional way of making and eating waffle (yes, with bare hands!), they have received many resistances. However, holding onto the belief that “as long as one person love our food, we will keep going”, they have started to gain some support of this creative invention. Since then, they have created Sandos with crazy fillings such as Bulgogi beef, Hoisin pork sausage, and Wasabi salmon, inspired by the multicultural cuisines in Vancouver. Not only have they attracted many local and out of town adventurous foodies, they were even featured on the TV show – “You Gotta Eat Here”! What impresses us the most is that the owners make everything from the waffle to the yoggy in-house from scratch using only fresh ingredients.. We tried their BULGOGI SANDO. Their most popular sando inspired by the Korean cuisine. This Savoury Sando has marinated beef baked into the moist and soft waffle, matching with egg sauce, mildly spicy kimchi, and sweet bulgogi sauce. We can tell why this is the most popular Sando. We couldn’t believe such a simple food item can have so many different layers of flavors. Just one bite and you will know what we meant. HOISIN SANDO – inspired by the Vietnamese Bánh mì, this Sando has hoisin pork sausage baked into the waffle, complemented with cilantro, cucumber, pickled radish, and carrot FRUITS & CREAM SANDO – this sweet Sando uses seasonal fruits as toppings that comes with house-made custard cream & whipped cream CHOCO-WASA – original dark chocolate Miura shakes with a hint of wasabi DESSERT NORI NACHOS – original seaweed chips topped with fruits and cream (they come in savory variety too) Watch out for their continuous new creations! Must Eat: Bulgogi Sando, Hoisin Sando Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver!   Highlights – Original creator of the Waffle sandwich – Sando – The owners make everything in-house fresh and from scratch – “Miura is a great spot for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.” – online reviewer – Was featured on “You Gotta Eat Here” – Daily specials and flash specials available Avg. Price: Under $10 Opening Hours Mon – Thurs 11 am ~ 10 pm Fri & Sat 11 am ~ 11 pm Sun 11 am ~ 9 pm Phone: 604.687.2909 Address: 2521 Main St, Vancouver (Main St & E. Broadway)

Golden Swan Restaurant

Apr 20, 2014
Golden Swan Restaurant began its business as a family restaurant in 1998.  Over the years, the restaurant had several major renovations and expansions, and had become a very popular restaurant in the community since then. The restaurant is specialized in a wide range menu of authentic and exotic Chinese cuisine.  Their dim sums are prepared freshly everyday. With a seating capacity of over 300 seats, the restaurant offers an elegant banquet hall and several VIP rooms which accommodates parties of various sizes for all occasions. Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Highlights – Dinner Special Dishes only at $11.99 – Traditional culinary dim sum from dim sum carts – Monday to Friday after 11am & Weekends: 10% off all day. – Monday to Friday: 20% off Dim Sum when you pay before 11:00am (Excludes holidays) – Chinese Restaurant Awards 2012 – Critic’s Choice – Stewed Alberta Ox-tail with Red Wine Avg. Price: $15 – $25 Opening Hours: 9 am ~ 3 pm 5 pm ~ 10:30 pm Phone: 604.321.6621 Address: 5380 Victoria Drive, Vancouver (E 38th ave & Victoria Drive)

Shaktea: Steep Passion for Tea

Oct 6, 2014
We have grown up drinking tea, but it wasn’t until one cold rainy day where we took refuge from the rain in a tea house, calmed by a cup of soothing tea, that we started to fall in love with the whole tea experience. Shaktea, on the corner of Main St & E21st Ave, has been a neighbourhood tea house for the past decade. With a bursting passion for tea, the Ma family has taken over the venture to share their love and appreciation for tea to the community. As we stepped in, we were welcomed by a light-hearted, warm and cozy ambiance. It’s definitely a great place for a quick hideaway to relax, hang out with friends, study, play board games, or write a book! We had an awesome time getting to know one of the owners and have found that the tea lounge is run by 3 brothers and sisters along with other family members. She has shared that it’s not easy, but it has definitely been a great journey working together to build a family dream. Looking at the wall of tea cans, she told me that they’re currently offering over 80 loose leaf teas including Black tea, Rooibos Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Herbal Tea, Pu’er Tea, and Honeybush Tea. But what impressed me the most was that the founders actually traveled around the world, even to tea farms, to handpick this collection! There are ones that are decaffeinated too. Since they have reinvented a new Classic Tea Set, we’ve decided to try it out! Each set comes with a personal 3-tier tray of bite-size homemade goodies along with 1 pot of tea. We ordered the popular aromatic Earl Grey Special and the smooth and creamy Pumpkin Spice Tea Latte. They were steeped with care at the counter, thus, the whole pot of tea remained perfectly steeped throughout our tea experience. It was absolutely a treat to the 5 senses! At the bottom tier, we chose the Croque Monsieur Homemade Crumpet. This is the only place to get homemade crumpet in Vancouver! Crumpet is similar to English muffin and pancake but with a spongy texture. The crumpet was soft, chewy, and moist. It was topped with tasty ham and melted Swiss cheese and herbs. We also ordered an extra Crumpet to try since this is their signature item. We tasted the sweet Lemony Snicket. The slightly sweet topping had a light lemon curd complemented by strong agave cheese blend topped with chewy coconut bits. The topping was light and delicious! The second tier consisted of Homemade Traditional Scones with Devonshire Cream and French Earl Grey Jam. The scones were crisp on the outside, and dense yet moist on the inside. The jam was aromatic with a strong Earl Grey taste that is slightly sweet. The Devonshire Cream on the other hand was smooth and light; it truly enhanced the scone’s buttery taste. There’s also original and chai flavor House-baked Shortbreads Cookies. The cookies are

Hapag Ihaw-Ihaw – I have a dream

Jul 20, 2014
Everyone has a dream. You do, and so do we. But how many of those can become a reality in the end? We had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. N., the owner of a brand new Filipino restaurant in town called Hapag Ihaw-Ihaw and hear his story. There are a handful of Filipino restaurants in East Vancouver, however, this is the only one that specializes in Inihaw – BBQ Grilled goodness! And likely the safest grill in town as it’s located right beside the fire station on Victoria Drive. Hapag means “dining table” in Tagalog where family and friends would gather together to share food and laughter – this is the dream of Mr. N. His dream to share his passion for food, cooking, and culture became a reality when Hapag Ihaw-Ihaw was born. Though it was a beautiful dream, it was a tough path for him to follow. Being a new immigrant who had no experience working in a commercial kitchen, he had to work in various jobs to gain work experience and savings. But what inspired us the most was that Mr. N. didn’t mind what others think, kept his eyes focused on his dream, and started working as a dishwasher to get his foot into the food industry. Coming from a farming background in the Philippines, he spent a long time experimenting flavors and ingredients before he started his restaurant. He also handpick his groceries each morning to ensure the freshest and quality ingredients are used for all the dishes he make. Filipino BBQ Combo – This grilled marinated pork skewer is one of their signature dishes. It is a very popular street food sold in BBQ stands in the Philippines. We have tried a few skewers and have fell in love with them right away. The flavorful meat were grilled just perfect with the meat still moist and juicy. Crispy Pata – small deep fried pork hock (comes in small, medium, large sizes) Miki – a Chinese-inspired Filipino wheat noodles dish sautéed with toppings – pork, pork liver, shrimp, squid and vegetables full of complex textures and flavors Lumpia Shanghai – spring rolls filled with pork and shrimp, served with garlic-vinegar or sweet chili dipping sauce Chicken Inasal Combo – a popular southern Filipino dish, boneless chicken thighs marinated in ginger, lemongrass, achuete oil and coconut vinegar Turon with Langkasuy Ice Cream – Deep fried Cavendish banana spring roll, served with homemade jackfruit and cashew ice-cream Mango Juice –  Calamansi Soda (Lime) – Dalandan Soda (Orange) Popular Dishes: Filipino BBQ (Pork or Chicken Skewers), Miki, Crispy Pata Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Highlights -Fresh quality meat and produce bought by the owner-chef every day -the only authentic Filipino restaurant that specialize in Inihaw – BBQ Grilled goodness -Specializes in authentic Filipino BBQ Avg. Price: $10 ~ $20 Opening Hours Mon – Sat 3:30 pm ~ 8:30 pm (Close on Sundays) Phone: 604.428.0097 Address: 5432 Victoria Dr, Vancouver (Victoria

Itadakimasu Izakaya – French-inspired Japanese Tapa

Sep 6, 2014
For the past decade, there was a Japanese Izakaya boom in Vancouver, where friends can grab a drink and pair it with tapa-type food. Great news! Did you know there’s one you can enjoy without going alllll the way to downtown? We had a chance to chat with the owner/head chef of Itadakimasu Izakaya about how it all came about. And boy, he sure is a gentle man with one big heart. “Itadakimasu“(いただきますpronounced as ita-daki-masu) is a traditional phrase Japanese say before a meal to express gratitude, similar to “bon appétit” or saying grace to give thanks. His passion for cooking actually budded when he was only a young boy watching his mom cook! He loves making people happy with the food he prepares. Who would have known that this instilled passion has not only brought him into culinary school learning French cuisine, but embarked a journey as a chef for 20 years? As a young lad, he ventured to Paris, Japan, then back home trying to realize his dreams working as a hotel chef. Having his own restaurant serving his art pieces on a plate has always been in his mind. After all these years, Itadakimasu is the final product of his dream come true. We were so excited to try this French-trained Japanese chef’s unique creations for the very first time. First off, we tried the cute Temari Sushi Box. Thisis one of his most popular signature dishes. Itcomes in 10 assorted ball-shaped handcrafted nigiri sushi, which are definitely too cute to eat!!! It was our first time eating a kobe beef sushi! The ingredients tasted fresh and the different textures is best to be enjoyed in one bite. Next up, we had the PARI PARI Ebi Mayo. We love that he coated the large shrimps with rice flakes instead of a thick batter or bread crumbs, as this gave a light crunchy and crisp texture. The shrimp itself was bouncy and flavorful. Moreover, the bite was further enhanced with the sweet mayo sauce with just a tint of spiciness. We love his take on Ebi Mayo – unique and delicious! One cool thing about Itadakimasu is that they provide an area with tatami seating where you can choose to enjoy your meal with your shoes off (with slippers provided of course) as if you are dining in a traditional Japanese-style table. Itadakimasu! Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver!   Highlights -Unique French-inspired Japanese dishes -Open until 11pm or 12am (except Sundays) -Great prices for drinks ($10 for a pitcher of Sapporo) -Comfortable seating compare to other Izakayas Avg. Price $11 ~ $30 Opening Hours Mon – Thurs 5:30 pm ~ 11 pm | Fri & Sat 5:30 pm ~ 12 am | Sun 5:30 pm ~ 10 pm Phone 604.558.3776 Address 4148 Main St, Vancouver (Main St & King Edward Ave)

O Grill Yakiniku

May 20, 2014
O Grill Yakiniku is a new restaurant opened in August 2013 and is the first Yakiniku restaurant in Burnaby! What is Yakiniku? Yakiniku is a Japanese word meaning grilled meat. It has been widely used to refer to Japanese style BBQ. O Grill Yakiniku offers an authentic indoor Japanese BBQ experience where diners can choose from a variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, and dessert to barbeque on a grill built into the table. Then, you may choose to dip the meat into the special house soy or the miso spicy sauce to add flavor. Different from Korean BBQ where the meat is heavily marinated, Yakiniku uses bite-size high quality meat to allow diners to taste the freshness and quality of the meat. O Grill provides a warm atmosphere along with a unique and fun experience for the young and old! Must Try: Wagyu Beef, Premium Short Ribs, Pork Jowl, Gyutan, Mochi, Sweet Potato Ball Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Highlights – Lunch combo with drinks are mostly under $10! – High quality bite-size meat – Unlimited Complimentary Nutritious Chicken Soup – Convenient location close to Metrotown Mall – Great for parties: offers free appetizers for special parties Avg. Price: $10 – $20 Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 4:30 pm – 11 pm Phone: 604.620.0711 Address: 4992 Newton St, Burnaby (Kingsway & Nelson Ave – Near Metrotown)

Bukchigo Jangguchigo – A Trip to Korea

Jul 20, 2014
North Road & Lougheed Highway area at the Burnaby & Coquitlam boundary is known to be a Koreatown filled with Korean restaurants, Korean supermarkets, and all sorts of Korean shops catering to the local Korean population. As we stepped into Bukchigo Jangguchigo, tucked in the corner of the plaza, not only were we greeted by Korean wait staff, but the walls are also filled with Korean signs and menu, most important of all, it’s full of Korean patrons! We couldn’t help but think “Are we in Korea?” Being in business for 7 years, Bukchigo Jangguchigo has become a place for the young and old to hang out to eat and drink. As we chatted with the owner, we were thrilled to find that every dish that they make is from traditional heritage recipes passed down from his family. Thus, no MSG is used in any of the dishes. Their regular menu is in Korean, so if you don’t read Korean, do ask for the English menu. We started the meal with one of the muchim dishes Chung Po Muk. It is mainly made of green lentil jelly with bean sprouts, egg, ground beef, and seaweed toppings. The jelly was so delicate that it broke when we tried to pick them up with chopsticks. We were instructed to pour the sweet & sour sauce on the dish and mix everything together. When we took a bite, it was full of different textures from soft to crunchy with chewy bits. This refreshing dish is a great cool appetizer for the summer. The owner told us that some of their most popular dishes are the Jeon items (pancake-like dishes). We wanted to taste a little bit of everything, so we ordered the Mo Dum Jeon (Assorted mini pancakes). It came with pan-fried shiitake mushroom & beef, basa fish, beef, and zucchini. We enjoyed the basa fish the most. Don’t forget to dip it into the onion dipping sauce for added flavor! The dish we enjoyed a lot was the Jae Yook Bo Keum – spicy pork belly & shoulder stir-fried with zucchini, carrot, onion, and green onion. This is a must for spicy-lovers. The house spicy sauce was hot with a tad bit of sweetness that made it addictive to eat. This dish also comes in a variation where instead of pork, you can choose chicken, octopus, sea eel, or squid. Their Jiigaes (thick Korean stews) are quite popular too. This time we tried the Boo Dae Jji Gae (literally means “army stew”). This dish originated during the Korean War and is still popular in South Korea. This hot stew includes ingredients like mixed meat, sliced sausage, tteok (Korean rice cakes), zucchini, tofu, carrot, onion, and green onion flavored with traditional spicy soup. Finally, what makes them stand out from the rest of the Korean restaurants is really their self-brewed fresh Makgeolli (Korean rice wine). The smooth and slightly sweet taste makes it suitable for men & women to drink. It’s actually quite

6 Reasons Why Hapag Ihaw Ihaw is a must visit Hidden Gem!

Mar 9, 2015
Hapag Ihaw Ihaw is a small Filipino restaurant right on Victoria Drive & 38th Ave. Why are we calling it a hidden gem? 1. Homemade, Homemade, Homemade with Fresh Ingredients A local family restaurant where all the dishes down to the sauces and soup bases are made from scratch, with no MSG! The owner-chef handpicks his fresh ingredients too. 2. Two Signature Dishes: Crispy Pata (Pork Hock) and Kare-Kare Made with his own secret recipes, his Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare taste like no other. You gotta try them for yourself. Every day, he would spend over 5 hours to prep and cook his Crispy Patas. Once you bite on that crispy skin, you can never look back. His Kare-Kare has such tender beef ribs that it can be tear apart with a spoon! Plus the homemade peanut sauce, this is so comforting and satisfying. 3. Their Chicken Arrozcaldo (Chicken Congee) is full of chicken awesomeness! This hearty congee is the ultimate comfort food for many. The mild, soft, and soothing congee is perfect for a rainy day, when you are not feeling well, or just when you feel like it. Not only is the rice cooked in homemade chicken broth, but the congee is full of tender hand-shredded chicken. 4. Skewers Adventure If you play it safe, taste their Fire-Grilled Pork or Chicken BBQ skewers. Moist and juicy meat full of flavor on each bite. If you are adventurous, why not Fire-Grilled Chicken Hearts, Pork Stomach, or Pork Ears? Crisp, crunchy, juicy and packed with flavors…Yum! 5. Their Seasonal Desserts – Made from scratch with love! All-time favorites from back home like Halo Halo for the hot summertime, Ginataan for the cool winter, Sans Rival, homemade ice-cream, Leche Flan, Turon…all homemade. Who can say no to these tasty treats? 6. Owner is extremely passionate about his food. He has a huge heart to cook since he was a kid. He has spent a lot of time experimenting and perfecting his recipes and cooking techniques (and he still do!). It has always been his dream to open his own restaurant to serve his dishes of love. Come uncover this hidden gem – Hapag Ihaw Ihaw for yourself! Oh! Get 15% off your meal when you show this to them on the phone prior to ordering or go to our facebook page to claim this offer. Address: 5432 Victoria Dr Vancouver Phone: (604) 428-0097 Monday – 11:00am-8:30pm Tuesday – CLOSED Wednesday – Saturday – 11:00am-8:30pm Sunday – 11:00am-7:30pm Disclosure: This is a sponsored article, but all opinions are ours.

U & I Thai – Taste of Thailand Built from Scratch

Aug 20, 2014
After the greetings and all, we sat down with the owner of U & I Thai and started chatting about how she started the restaurant and what got her here. She traced back her memories as a child and all we can say, it was one truly inspiring story. Her culinary journey started when she was only 8 or 9 years old. When other children can go play, she had to stay home and cook for her family. Living in the poorest region of Thailand, Isaan, she never had the chance to go to school. So, when she was 12, she left her hometown to help run a food cart on the streets of Bangkok to make a living. When we asked her why she started U & I Thai, she said “I love cooking, and because I had no formal education, cooking is all I know, and cooking is all my life!” Our heart ached when she told us that some of her friends have tried to stop her from starting a restaurant saying things like “you will fail”, “you won’t make it”, as there are too many competitions in town. But, she didn’t listen and was even more determined to make things work. Her strong passion to share authentic Thai food really shone through as we chatted. Authentic Isaan food is rare, and it’s served here! Not only does she hires chefs from Thailand, but all the spices and sauces are freshly homemade from scratch. And guess what? U & I Thai is one of two restaurants in BC that got awarded Thai Select Premium by Thailand’s Government Ministry of Commerce. It certifies that they “offer authentic Thai food employing same or similar cooking methods as in Thailand, with traditional Thai decorations, and outstanding services with a degree of excellence of 5-star (score of 85+)”. A must try is their Pad Thai – rice-noodles stir-fried to the right dryness and al dente. Most importantly, they don’t use ketchup as a substitute but with homemade tamarind sauce. With one bite, your taste buds will be bombarded with sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and spiciness all at once! Isaan Lettuce Wrap (Yom Nam Khao Tod) – a North Eastern Thailand specialty dish where you wrap the spicy pork mixture with a fresh lettuce and dip it into the sweet basil sauce. Stuffed Chicken Wings – marinated chicken stuffed with vermicelli and Thai spices. Thai Spring Rolls (Vegetarian) – crispy fried spring rolls with a mixture of cabbage, carrot, bean thread noodles, and cilantro stuffing All the Thai curries are made with similar ingredients, but with different type of chilies – green, red, or yellow. They have slightly different taste characteristics. Green Curry with Prawns (Gang Kaew Waan) – lighter curry made with fresh Thai basil, green chilies, and coconut milk Red Curry Duck with Lychee – richer hot curry slightly sweetened by the Lychee Thai milk tea – sweet smooth milk tea just hits the spot What we like about U &

Restaurants Reviews

Hakkaku Ramen 八鶴

Mar 20, 2014
With Ramen joints popping up here and there in Vancouver, there’s actually not many places in Burnaby to satisfy your ramen cravings, let alone North Burnaby. Hakkaku Ramen is a go-to place for people living in the area if they don’t want to drive all the way to downtown for a bowl of hot ramen! Besides the common Shio Ramen, Miso Ramen, Shoyu Ramen, they also serve Curry Ramen, Vegetable Ramen, Hot Miso Ramen, and Shrimp Ramen. All their broth are made with pork bones. You may choose a rich soup or a regular soup along with the choice of leaner Chashu (Pork shoulder) or tender fatty Chashu (Pork belly). Their regular ramen ranges from $7.45 – $7.95, special ramen ranges from $8 – $8.95. We ordered the Lunch special menu that provides great portion for the price you pay. Shio Ramen + Extra noodle with Rich soup and Belly Chashu $7.45 (you may choose mini salad or rice instead of extra noodles) Shoyu Ramen + Extra noodle with Rich soup and Belly Chashu $7.45 Where do you usually go to satisfy your ramen cravings? Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: under $10 Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 3 pm; 5 pm – 10 (Close on Mondays) Phone: 604.558.3386 Address: 4530 E Hastings St, Burnaby

Hoi An Cafe

Mar 20, 2014
Hoi An Café is a family run Vietnamese restaurant located on the corner of Victoria Dr. & 34th Ave. With so many Vietnamese options to choose from in this area, Hoi An Café is one that stands out not because of a huge menu of pho or cheap prices but rather one that specializes in serving Mi Quảng. So what is Mi Quảng? It is a popular Vietnamese dry noodle dish originated from Quảng Nam Province in central Vietnam. It consists of pork & shrimp garnished with herbs served on wide yellow rice noodles in a special pork & shrimp broth. It is also served with toasted sesame rice crackers. Since many customers love the Mi Quảng with Cau Lau sauce rather than the original sauce, they have created a third option called #1 ½  “Mi Quảng with Cau Lau sauce”. Another dish they serve is the popular Bún bò Huế. It is a popular Vietnamese rice vermicelli soup noodle dish originated from the city Huế in central Vietnam. This dish combines spicy, sour, salty, and sweet flavors all in one with well-done beef, pork balls, pork blood, and pork feet. Tom Chien – a deep fried spring roll with whole shrimp & pork wrapped inside. Popular items: Mi Quảng with Cau Lau sauce (#1 ½ – #1 with #2 sauce), Tom Chien Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: ~ $10 Opening Hours Sun – Thurs: 10am ~ 7pm Fri – Sat: 10am ~ 8pm (Close on Tuesdays) Phone: 604.566.9283 Address: 5002 Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Honolulu Cafe 檀島茶餐廳

May 20, 2014
As we drove around in search for a place to fill our tummies late at night, Honolulu Café came to mind. Honolulu Café is a casual Hong Kong Style restaurant serving hundreds of comfort food items like western breakfast and late night mini-dinner sets with an HK twist. If you need a quick cheap meal with decent variety, this may be the place for you (especially if you’re in the hood). Since we came in after 9pm, we got to order from the value Mini Set Menu. The Mini Set Menu has nearly 100 items ranging from $5.25 – $8.25. You can only order from this menu during 12 noon – 5pm, or 9 pm – 1 am. The choices vary from salad, wings, sizzling plate, curry, fusion baked rice/spaghetti, noodle and fried rice. It will also come with a hot drink of your choice. If you wish, you can add $0.5 for a cold drink instead. #18 Steak with Gravy Sauce ($8.25) Iced Lemonade with Honey (+$0.5) #7 Baked Seafood Medley in Thick Toast ($8.25) For the night owls, where do you usually go to satisfy your late night cravings? Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: Under $10 Opening Hours: Tues – Sat 8 am – 1 am Sun – Mon 8 am – 12 am Phone: 604.438.8632 Address: 3340 Kingsway, Vancouver

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

Apr 20, 2014
Ramen is a Japanese soup noodle that consists of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in pork, chicken, or fish-based broth flavored with soy sauce or miso. The dish would normally include toppings such as sliced pork (chashu), dried seaweed (nori), boiled egg, and green onions. However, every region in Japan has their own variation of ramen. Unsatisfied with the taste of a ramen establishment he tried, the founder of Santouka, Hitoshi Hatanaka, decided to open his own ramen shop in Asahikawa, Hokkaido Japan in 1988. It all began with only 9 seats and 1 item—Shio Ramen (salt flavor). Since then, they have grown into a 50+ restaurant franchise serving ramen not only throughout Japan, but also overseas in North American and Asian cities. And the only Ramen Santouka in Vancouver opened on February 26, 2010. Shoyu Ramen (L) – pork broth seasoned with soy sauce ($9.95 + $1) [may get less portion for -$1 or extra large for +$2] Kara Tsuke-men (L) – cold ramen noodles served with hot spicy soy sauce flavor dipping soup ($11.95 + $1) Extra noodles for $1 more   Popular items: Shio Ramen, Toroniku Ramen (Pork Jowl), Tsuke-men Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: ~$13 – $20 Opening Hours: 11 am – 11 pm Phone: (604) 681-8121 Address: 1690 Robson St, Vancouver

Phnom Penh Cambodian & Vietnamese Food

Mar 11, 2014
Phnom Penh, named after the capital and largest city of Cambodia, is a popular Cambodia/Vietnamese restaurant situated in Chinatown. It is a family-run business running through 3 generations. They have won many awards over the years, thus explain the busy lineups especially during the peak hours! Just like most Asian restaurants, they offer a huge menu with over 120 items to choose from.     Here are a few popular dishes that are the local favorites: -#78 Deep-Fried Chicken Wings (Sm $8.25, L $12.95), comes with a special lemon dipping sauce -#71 Marinated Butter Beef $13.25 -#4 Dry Egg Noodles $6.50 -#72 Trieu Chau Fried Oyster Cake $14.50 Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: $10 – $15 Opening Hours: Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm Phone: 604.682.5777 Address: 244 E Georgia St, Vancouver

Bubble Queen – Not Your Average Bubble Tea

May 20, 2014
Besides the regular bubble tea and slush, Bubble Queen is famous for their chocolate slushes using all-time-favorite chocolate bars like Bueno, Kit Kat, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Maltesers…. You name it. Their drinks range from $3.31 – $6.43 each. They also offer toppings like caramel pudding, mochi, ice-cream, mango cubes for additional $0.5 – $2.5. Besides the innovative Bubble Tea flavors, they’re also known for their creative bubble waffles. So what are bubble waffles? They’re waffles made with eggs and shape like a sheet of tiny eggs. Thus got the name gai daan jai 鷄 蛋仔, literally means “little chicken eggs”. They’re one of the most iconic street snacks that Hong Kongers grew up with since its’ introduction in the 1950s. What’s special about Bubble Queen’s Bubble Waffles is that not only are there 15 flavors to choose from, but they also offer add-on fillings. They have fillings such as red bean, Oreo crumbs, and shredded dried pork. There’s also combinations like Matcha Mochi or Peanut coconut shreds. Bueno Slush + Pearls ($5.81 + $0.5 + tax) Matcha Bubble Waffle ($3.57 + tax) Popular Items: Fresh Mango Slush, Chocolate Slushes, Bubble Waffle Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: under $10 Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 2 pm – 9pm Fri – Sat 12 pm – 12 am Sun 12 pm – 6 pm Phone: 778.297.7838 Address: 8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond

Cafe Xu Hue – Quest for the Best Bún bò Huế

Feb 20, 2014
In the quest for the best Bún bò Huế in Vancity, we stumbled upon this small restaurant on Kingsway, near Nanaimo Street. Famous for their #4 Bún bò Huế, we wanted to see if it can live up to the hype. Like many have mentioned, the restaurant is often packed, more so with Vietnamese patrons. That’s a good sign indeed! With quick turnover, we didn’t have to wait too long for a table. They have a limited menu with less than 10 food items to choose from. We curiously peeked around, and realized it was true that almost everyone ordered their famous #4!! Bún bò Huế - Spicy Vietnamese Vermicelli with Sliced Pork & Beef in Soup ($9 incl tax) There’s a balance of spicy, sour, salty, and sweet flavors in this popular bowl of noodle. It comes with soft and smooth vermicelli and many toppings like pig’s knuckles, cubes of pig blood, beef slices, and pork slices. Oh, and we need to warn you, it’s best to eat slowly, because if you eat too fast, like what we did, the spices will itch your throat. What’s your favorite place to eat Bún bò Huế? Popular item: #4 Bún bò Huế Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: under $10 Opening Hours: 10 am – 7 pm (Close on Weds) Phone: 604.454.9940 Address: 2226 Kingsway, Vancouver

Mamalee Malaysian Delight – Hainanese Chicken

Mar 20, 2014
Have you ever tried Hainanese Chicken before? Though Hainanese Chicken is mostly associated with Malaysian, and Singaporean cuisine, it actually has Chinese origins! Surprisingly, such a simple dish has become a favorite for many, especially among the Southeast Asian countries.    What makes it tasty and loved by many is not because of any heavy flavors like many Asian dishes. It’s the fact that they use real tender chicken, and more so, it’s served boneless! Well, it does come with flavorful dipping sauces – spicy chili, ginger, sweet soy sauce for those who love bold flavors. It is often served with flavored rice called “Oil Rice” as it’s prepared with chicken stock/oil. Mamalee is one of the restaurants in Vancouver that serves Hainanese Chicken! It was founded by a Malaysian mother, Betty Lee. Since coming to Vancouver in 1990, she has decided to start her own Malaysian restaurant known as Café D’Lite, which later changed to Mamalee. They are known for their Hainanese chicken and Laksa noodle. They also serve nearly 30 types of drinks including specialty drinks like Iced Chendol and Iced Tapioca. Hainanese Chicken (Half) ($13.50) – Yellow Rice ($1.95) Where’s your favorite place for Hainanese Chicken? Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: $10 – $13 Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 11 am – 8 pm Fri – Sat 11 am – 9 pm (Close on Sundays) Phone: 604.733.8882 Address: 3144 W Broadway Vancouver

Yung Ho Soy Drink

Mar 10, 2014
Yung Ho Soy Drink is a simple food court stall serving Taiwanese style breakfast (which is rare in Vancouver!). It is tucked in the right corner of President Plaza’s small food court. Though nowadays, there are a huge variety of breakfast items to choose from in Taiwan, the most traditional Taiwanese breakfast consists of sticky rice, fresh soy drink, shaobing (flatbread), and deep fried long Chinese donut – a lot of dough and deep-frying involved. It does bring back childhood memories for those who are from Taiwan not only from the food they serve, but especially because the Chinese name resembles a very popular brand back in Taiwan. At Yung Ho, they boast that everything from the soy drink to the shaobing is housemade. The menu is simple consisting a variation of shaobing, Chinese donut, stick rice, egg wrap, or soy drink.  You can either order a la carte ranging from $1.75 – $4.50 or choose from the 8 Combos ranging from $4 – $6.50. House-made fresh soy drink – there is a distinct strong burnt soy flavor in their soy drink. You may upgrade to M for +$0.5, L for +$1, add $0.5 for a cool soy drink. Shaobing (flatbread) with egg Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: under $10 Opening Hours M – Fri 8am – 2pm Sat – Sun 8am – 3pm Phone: 604.202.7310 Address: 2255-8181 Cambie Rd, Richmond

Lim Kee Restaurant

Jun 20, 2014
If you have lived in the Victoria/Fraserview neighborhood or went to David Thompson High School, you must know Lim Kee. Before Vancouver has boomed into a foodie heaven 10-20 years ago, this Chinese-run Vietnamese restaurant was the go-to place for many for comfort food. They serve Pho from $7.25 – $8.50, Banh Mi for $5.25, and Fried Rice/Curry Rice for $8.5. These are great pricings especially for the generous portion being served. Beef Balls and Raw Beef Noodle Soup (mini) w/HK Milk Tea $7.75   Their milk tea is pretty good as well! They also have a really good student special. But if you’re not a student, don’t worry, there’s a special menu on the table that offers really good deals too. Pan-Fried Boneless Chicken Thighs Fried Rice (mini) w/HK Milk Tea $7.75 Oh, and they have free wi-fi available. Check out our monthly exclusive offers for great restaurants in Vancouver! Avg. Price: under $10 Opening Hours 11 am – 8pm Phone: 604.321.8006 Address: 6943 Victoria Dr, Vancouver