Hakkasan Bistro Highlights

– Specializes in traditional Cantonese dishes including rare and unique Hakka dishes
– Offers Tasting Menus and A La Carte Menu
– Lunch service includes grab & go bowls $4.95+ to lunch items $9.95+
– Family run by mother and daughters with Hakka ancestral roots
– Won the Chinese Restaurant Awards – Diner’s Choice Award for Best Service in 2011 & 2015
– Signature dishes: Double Boiled Pork w/ Snow Fungus Soup in Young Coconut, Ancient Style Hakka Salt Baked Chicken, Braised Pork Hock, Hakka Homestyle Steamed Egg, Pork & Duck Yolk

What’s Hakka?

Hakka people are a subgroup of the Han Chinese. Hakka Chinese cuisine is rare in Vancouver even amongst the abundant ethnic cuisines we have from around the world!

Hakkasan Bistro

We were warmly welcomed by the Hakkasan Bistro team to attend their specially organized Hakka Inspired Feast and Wine Media Event.

Hakkasan Bistro Cafe

Hakkasan Bistro is located in an industrial area of Richmond. As we walked in, the modern, warm, and classy décor caught us by surprised!

_MG_7614   The delicious 10-course Hakka feast started with the colorful Appetizer Platter: Jasmine Tea Smoked Mushroom Bean Curd Crepes + Balsamic Cloud Ear Mushroom + Honey Roasted BBQ Pork Cheeks.

_MG_7634First, we got a taste of with their popular Chef’s Specialty – Double Boiled Pork w/ Snow Fungus Soup in Young Coconut. The young coconut filled with tender pork, snow fungus, and savoury chicken consommé was double boiled for over three hours! No wonder the piping hot soup was so tasty and fragrant. Definitely one of our favorite of the night! Remember to order it one day in advance.

_MG_7647Next, the Specialty Odorless Garlic Lobster on Jasmine Rice. The lobster was smothered with their breath-friendly garlic, which was specially processed by the Chef to maintain the natural flavours of garlic while ridding the garlic after-taste and bad breath.

_MG_7702Then came the unique Hakka specialty – Ancient Style Hakka Salt Baked Chicken. By using this ancient Hakka style of cooking, they first marinated the free range chicken with a special blend of Chinese herbs and spices and wrapped it in parchment paper. Then, the chicken was slow-baked in a clay pot with piping hot coarse salt. This rare dish also needs to be ordered one day in advance.

_MG_7704Another one of their Chef’s specialty is the traditional Hakka Braised Pork Hock. This comforting dish is slowly-braised to achieve the satisfyingly tender and fatty Pork Hock. The Steamed Mini Flour Rolls were a perfect match when we ate them with the saucy pork hock meat.

_MG_7708Mui Choy Stirfry Seasonal Chinese Greens – Mui Choy is a traditional preserved vegetable. This simple veggie dish was a great balance from all the tasty meat.

_MG_7659Then, the Country Style Fish Filet. The breaded and deep fried pieces of fish filet were tender and flavorful.

_MG_7661Hakka Homestyle Steamed Egg, Pork & Duck Yolk – this seemingly simple Hakka dish was another one of our favorites of the night. The silky smooth and fragrant steamed egg literally melted in our mouths! Yum!!

_MG_7722The feast was wrapped up by a light and smooth Steamed Milk Egg Custard.

Avg. Price:
$10 – $20

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11 am ~ 3 pm
Dinner: 5 pm ~ 9:30 pm
Closed Mondays & Tuesdays


Unit 110 – 2188 No. 5 Rd., Richmond


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