Jun Yuan Hot Pot
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Jun Yuan Hot Pot Highlights

-Fresh quality ingredients handpicked by the Chef
-All You Can Eat Menu includes over 70 food items including Premium Canadian Beef, Premium Pork, Homemade Fish Noodles, Balls and Dumplings, Enoki Mushroom, Oyster Mushroom.
-Specialty items include Wagyu Beef, Signature Homemade Fish Puffs, Homemade Plum Juice
-Grand opening with newly renovated space
-Great price for the value

Avg. Price
Adult: $19.95; Children (Under 12): $14.95

Opening Hours
5 pm ~ 12 am


5728 Victoria Dr, Vancouver (Victoria Dr & E41st Ave)


Jun Yuan Hot Pot Restaurant

In this cool season, hot pot has just been a huge craving. There’s just something special and satisfying about having family and friends gathered around the simmering pot of hot soup with fresh food cooked and eaten at the table. Jun Yuan Restaurant opened just in time, but is it worth your visit?


6 reasons why Jun Yuan Restaurant is a worthy all you can eat hot pot restaurant:

1. Fresh Meats

This is definitely a place to satisfy all your fresh meat cravings, from Premium Canadian Beef, Premium Pork meat, Lamb meat, they were all flavorful, tender, and juicy.

_MG_6696 _MG_6697

2. Who would say no to Wagyu Beef?

Who would say no to Wagyu Beef??? (+ 2.95) The intense marbling of the meat signals softer fat and velvety texture. When we had a bite, the smooth and delicate meat was juicy and satisfying! Just can’t have enough of it.

Wagyu Beef

3. Homemade… Homemade… homemade…

One thing we like about Jun Yuan is their Assorted Homemade Balls. The Shrimp Balls, Squid Balls, Fish Balls, Pork Balls are all handmade in-house with no preservatives.

_MG_6709 _MG_6715

4. Their Traditional Fish Puffs…

3 words, Homemade and Tasty.



5. Wide selection with rare items for an AYCE place.

Veggies like pea sprout, enoki mushroom, and oyster mushroom are quite rare for an AYCE place, and we can enjoy unlimited supply here. What more can you ask for?